Civil & Commercial Law

Although there have been significant economic developments in the Dominican Republic in recent years, understanding the business culture and legal system will be an imperative part of your organization’s success in our country.

In view of the complexities, the goal of The Del Carpio Office has always been to carefully advise every client so that they can make educated decisions about all of their commercial affairs and issues.

On behalf of Credit Insurers, Exporters, Freight Forwarders, Manufacturers, and many domestic and international companies in a wide range of industries, our Civil, Commercial & International Legal Services include:

  • Handling credit, corporate, and background investigations to determine credit worthiness and corporate viability of companies within the Dominican Republic.
  • Reviewing and modifying proposals, contracts, invoices, and other documentation for errors and omissions that may result in future legal liabilities.
  • Facilitating domestic and international business transactions and the legal process.
  • Negotiating with commercial debtors and their attorneys to bring about timely resolutions to disputes and other issues that are impeding payment.
  • Representing clients in formal mediations, arbitrations, litigation, bankruptcy proceedings, and out of court settlements to effectively navigate through the legal system.
  • Acting in the role of Trustees and advising clients for highly sensitive and confidential commercial matters.
  • Coordinating resources and other professionals in the areas of finance, accounting, and intellectual property in order to support related commercial and legal requirements.
  • Forging relationships with other collection attorneys and agency partners worldwide, especially throughout all of the Caribbean, to support international commercial needs and collection issues that are in line with US and European business models.
  • Being proactive in every way possible to provide total client satisfaction of our services.

In view of the above, we are confident that our office and team of attorneys can support your every civil, commercial and international legal need in our country and region.

Providing dedicated litigation and commercial legal support.

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