Like every country, the Dominican Republic has adopted laws and regulations from other nations but has also implemented a large amount of legislation that represents the unique history and culture of a very vibrant society.

From the inception of our independence, up to the present and well into the future, our laws, regulations and system of justice continue to evolve to meet the ongoing technological, economic, financial and political developments of our society.

Unfortunately, from time to time a company will have a dispute or conflict with a vendor, customer, tenant, logistics carrier, or third party that cannot be easily resolved through normal mediation and arbitration efforts. Whether it’s for a non-payment or defective supply of goods or services, breach of contract, damages to property, or infringement of rights, the Del Carpio Office represents every client with the full force and expert knowledge of the law.

Over the years, in being able to navigate the complexities of our legal system, The Del Carpio Office has developed a “barracuda” reputation when either defending or prosecuting on behalf of our clients. Specifically, we are highly experienced in pursuing and obtaining judgments on cases related to:

  • property disputes
  • partitions
  • foreclosures
  • title misrepresentations
  • frauds
  • insurance disputes
  • civil rights and constitutional law violations

When we take your case, you can rest assured that it will be handled with the utmost care and consideration with the unwavering goal of obtaining a positive outcome for you and your organization.

Providing dedicated litigation and commercial legal support.

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