Henry Montás


Henry Montás is a notable lawyer in Litigation, who masters in depth the legislation and judicial practice. He has the character, the spirit of competence, and the desired courage in a litigating lawyer. Together with Francisco Del Carpio Jacobs, he forms a winning mutual association for their clients, even in those cases in which the circumstances are against them. Henry  has been part of The Del Carpio Law Office for 10 years.

Mr. Montás Rodríguez graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), in 2003, with a degree in Law. He holds a master's degrees in Law and Civil Procedure and in Constitutional Law and Procedures, also graduated from the UASD. He has completed degrees in Labor Law and Procedure, Labor Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Real Estate Registry and Enforcement Procedures. Henry teaches Business Law in the Master of Labor and Administrative Law of the Technological University of Santiago. He is also a professor at the National School of Lawyers, where he shares knowledge in the Civil, Commercial and Constitutional areas. He worked for the Prosecutor's Office of the National District and the Judicial Power. He is currently the Litigation Manager in The Del Carpio Law Office.

Providing dedicated litigation and commercial legal support.

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